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We are a specialty pharmacy that supplies people and pets with medicines custom made for them based on a doctor's prescription. We provide medicines that are usually not available from a regular drugstore. These medicines might include specially prepared:

 Items that are no longer or never were commercially available

• New forms of a medication. For example, providing a liquid for a patient with difficulty swallowing pills.

• Ophthalmics, especially preservative free medicine and high strength antibiotics.

Dosages, smaller or larger doses as needed for people that metabolize medicines at different rates.

• Combinations of two or more drugs compounded into a single capsule (which reduces the number of pills taken on a daily basis and may reduce drug costs.)

Intravenous injections or infusions that need preparation in a sterile environment.

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Our pharmacist is trained in the art of compounding and completes annual training courses to maintain proficiency in the latest techniques for producing the highest quality product. We use the highest grade chemicals available (USP or ACS) for all of our preparations. We employ micro-sized versions of the same equipment used in the larger scale operations of a pharmaceutical company.

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Bio - Identical Hormones

Customized Replacement Therapy to meet the needs of each woman and man.

These medications include estrogens, progesterone, and testosterone (prepared in capsules, creams, troches, or gels) that are identical to those found in the human body. It is believed that these hormones are safer because they exactly replace those produced by the body itself.

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Solving Veterinary Medication Problems

We offer solutions to problems - by compounding specialized medications which meet the unique needs of each animal - dogs, cats, horses, or birds and other creatures.

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