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We are living in a new reality. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people are practicing hyper-vigilant hygiene. We wash hands frequently, maintain social distance and are very careful with all contact. Scientists feel that this virus originated from uncivilized locations and unsanitary sources including bats from remote areas of China. Others feel that poor hygiene in the open markets spread the disease. So how can we ensure that natural products such as herbal medicine are produced to the highest standards?

I have studied in China and worked in both Chinese and American hospitals. As a result of this training, I am convinced of two things. One, herbal formulas must be custom designed for each individual. There is not one size that fits all. Secondly, the preparation and quality of the ingredients must be pharmaceutical grade.

I have been practicing Integrative Medicine with a specialty in Traditional Chinese Medicine for 25 years. I believe there are particular formulas, tested by modern research as well as the test of time that can enhance our immune systems. Many of these formulas are shown to increase our white blood cell count. Other formulas help with mood and pain. I have partnered with Palm Beach Compounding Pharmacy to ensure that these medicines are produced under the highest standards. A doctor working with a pharmacist under ideal conditions can create clean, reproducible formulas. All herbs are certified organic. These products are unique in their production. They are created for one patient at a time.

If you are interested in compounded herbal formulas, I offer Telemedicine and Video consultation. I may be contacted via email at the following address:

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