What is NuCalm?

Everyone knows what it feels like to be stressed, some more than others, and everyone copes with that stress differently. Stress can negatively impact our lives in many ways, including changes in sleep, diet, mood, your cognitive abilities and weaken your immune system. The NuCalm System is the world’s only technology patent approved system that will lower stress levels and improve sleep without the use of drugs. Like the flip of a switch, the NuCalm System can within minutes reduce stress levels in the brain. Thereby improving sleep, balance, focus, memory, increasing hormones, and strengthening your immune response, improving heart and respiratory health, as well as, decreasing cortisol levels and inflammation.

NuCalm works by taking control of your brain waves, bringing the high beta waves, which trigger fear and anxiety, down to the alpha/theta waves, which elicit relaxation, meditation, sleep, and healing. This allows you to reach a deep meditation like state. There are 4 key components of the NuCalm System that work together to essentially turn off your brain’s “flight or fight” response, permitting your brain to reach a state of synchrony and relaxation that flows throughout your body.

1. NuCalm’s proprietary supplements: Developed in 2005, NuCalm’s supplements which are all natural and hypoallergenic, come as a topical cream that is applied to the right and left carotid arteries, or as a chewable tablet.

2. The NuCalm Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) device: Developed in 2004, the CES device is used to catalyze the effectiveness of the NuCalm supplements to interrupt the body’s natural stress response. It is applied behind the right and left ear.

3. NuCalm app and headphones: The App contains NuCalm’s proprietary neuro-acoustic software that modulates the brain’s alpha/theta waves that should be used with noise-cancelling headphones.

4. NuCalm Mask: Blocks visual stimulation that will increase alpha waves and maintain a relaxed state.

The NuCalm System is used by dentists to relax their patients, cancer patients to help restore health, athletes to battle jet lag and by any individual that experiences stress in their everyday life. The NuCalm System is available at Palm Beach Compounding Pharmacy in Jupiter, Florida.

About the authors: This story was written by Rick Upson RPh, Owner & Pharmacist in Charge, Palm Beach Compounding Pharmacy, Jupiter, Florida. We have been compounding high-quality medications for people and their pets since 2004. With the invaluable assistance of Elizabeth Montgomery, owner of the law firm of Elizabeth Montgomery, P.A. and Ashley Seitz-Garofolo Pharmacy Intern, NSU College of Pharmacy West Palm Beach.

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