We utilize only the finest quality chemicals and the best equipment to prepare our patients’ compounded medications and nutritional supplements.

As with all prescription medications, compounded medications require a valid prescription from a licensed physician. We are always happy to contact your doctor to discuss treatment options as well as inform him or her about therapies that we have found helpful for other patients with similar health concerns. We can compound almost any prescription drug that might be needed. The following are categories of products that are commonly compounded:

The pharmacy includes a Class 100 certified clean room for preparing sterile products and state of the art compounding facilities. In order to best aid people in becoming well, we constantly research the causes of illness and strive to provide the most cutting-edge treatments.


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement (BHRT)

These medications include estrogens, progesterone, DHEA, pregnenolone and testosterone (prepared in capsules, creams, drops, or gels) that are identical those found in the human body. It is believed that these hormones are safer because they exactly replace those produced by the body itself. The NIH's Women's Health Initiative found in one large trial of over 16,000 women that use of the commercially available conjugated estrogens/progestin (Prempro™) is not advisable after 4-5 years. Many other bio-identical hormone replacement products are also available including pregnenolone, liothyronine, DHEA, and human growth hormone. People (both men and women) use hormone supplements to maintain proper body function. and reverse the effects of aging.


Wound Care and Other Skin Preparations

Diabetic patients and others often have leg or foot wounds that are difficult to heal. Sometimes, a combination of medications compounded into a gel or cream will aid in healing. These typically include a medicine to improve blood flow (nifedipine), an antibiotic, and a skin protectant. Hemorrhoids are also difficult to treat. Suppositories with anesthetics, anti-inflammatories, and a vasoconstrictor may be used.


Veterinary Products

Obtaining the correct dosages for very small or very large animals sometimes requires compounding. Also, there are some medications that need to be re-fomulated into gels for animals that refuse oral medications (e.g. cats). There are other medicines that must be compounded because they are no longer commercially available.

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