"My doctor prescribed me an injectable medicine. Rick, the pharmacist took the time to teach me how to reconstitute the drug with bacteriostatic water, how to draw up the dose and how to inject myself. He even gave me a vial of sterile water and a syringe to practice with in the pharmacy while he watched."


"I was having severe hot flashes, insomnia, and no sex drive. I went to a holistic doctor who ordered some lab tests. When the results came in the doctor just wrote HRT per Labs and sent me to Rick at Palm Beach Compounding. Rick reviewed the labs and asked me some questions. Then Rick came up with my starting dose of Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy in the form of a cream that I rub into my skin once a day. My doctor really trusts Rick to get it right. It took a couple weeks to get the full effect from the BHRT Cream, but I feel so much better now, I rarely get a hot flash now, I sleep better and my libido has increased."


"I went to my Dermatologist to have some warts removed from my hands. The Dermatologist used liquid Nitrogen to freeze the warts, but these stubborn warts wouldn’t go away so I went back to the Dermatologist and she gave me a prescription for what she called “Beetle Juice” which she said was made by Special Compounding Pharmacies from a substance derived from the Blister Beetle. She recommended Palm Beach Compounding Pharmacy, so that is where I went. One application was all it took. It was amazing."


"My left eye became infected after I left my contact lenses in too long. I went to Bascom Palmer and they prescribed some high power eye drops that had to be compounded. They sent me to see Rick at Palm Beach Compounding Pharmacy and he made my eye drops in their clean room. I believe those drops saved my vision."


"The Vet prescribed potassium bromide for my dog “Sammy” who was having seizures. The vet called in the prescription to Palm Beach Compounding Pharmacy. The medicine worked very well, and I have been getting Sammy’s medicine at Palm Beach for 2 years now. The staff is very friendly and they let me bring Sammy into the reception area of the pharmacy. They all want to pet Sammy and give him dog treats, and tell him how cute he is."